Jessy Plant

This is my personal blog filled with my own work.
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Poster 3:
Day 1, letting the scream out, showing everything, taking the post it notes off
Day 2, remembering who I am, remastering all my layers, letting go of what stops me. Starting something new and moving forward!

Poster 2:
Life Drawing sketch worked into acrylic paint


Poster: happy accidents.
Photo 1 was taken after 30mins, I was fighting with the paint and couldn’t really see where I was going with the piece.
Photo 2 was taken after I got completely frustrated with the poster and covered it in water. I then left it for a few hours but when I came back to it everything was ok. I started working with the paint and enjoying the process of discovery.
After 2 days work on the poster I was completely happy with it! Photo 3 represents the completed poster.

It takes courage to write in ink.
There is no eraser 
there is no delete button
you can’t hide in ink.
Every mistake is visible 
every smudge sits on the page 
to be considered, to be judged.
Only the bravest writes in ink. 
- JP
My drawing: 
Lines done at random forming a shape… What do you see?

My Artwork:
Sea windows

My Drawing: 
5 minuet biro sketch of Cher
My drawings: 
Life drawing, 3min sketch 
1 of 5 sketches
My painting: 
The world through my eyes is a crazy place to explore.
My photography: 
The Dancer  ( a miniature version)
My Drawing: 
A British seascape done with fine liners
My wedding dress designs  
(Attempt 1, wish I could make them as well :D )